If you'd like to commission me, you can either DM me on twitter (@pixeljadeart), email me (pixeljadeart@gmail.com), or fill out this easy google form if you don’t know where to start!  Here are my general rates.  All prices listed in USD.  All rates can vary based on size, complexity, and detail.  If you have print or other requirements you need met, let me know in the initial discussion of the piece.  Please note that payment is required upfront.  Payment covers creation of the art to your specification, including reasonable changes during the design process to make sure it fits your needs.  All pieces will be shown to you at the completion of sketching, inking, and coloring processes.  NSFW welcome!

Please note that pieces with excessive detail may incur an extra charge of $10-$50, depending on how much detail, and that any piece with a deadline may require extra fees as well, depending on my schedule.

ICONS - $25

CHARACTER PAGE - $40 - $60

HEADER IMAGE - $60 - $100

PIXEL ART - $30 - $110

INK & WATERCOLOR - $50 - $150


ICONS: $25

Icons can be made to suit the size of any social media format!  Complexity of the piece means higher cost, but they're still reasonable.


All of these are done in page sizes.  The lowest prices involve just a simple linework, limited colors, and no background, and most expensive include complex detailed linework, dynamic color schemes, and a background.  The price range only covers SINGLE character sheets, for each additional character, add another $20. Pieces with excessive detail may have an extra charge.

HEADER IMAGE: $60 - $100

Header images can be made to suit the size of any social media format!  The prices here depend HEAVILY on complexity of the piece, and can include a character or not.  For each character beyond the first one, add $20.  Pieces with excessive detail may have an additional charge.


Pixel art is about $30 for a simple sprite, up to $80 for a big, extensive header.  Again, with more characters, and more detail, prices can even go up above this.



Animation is manageable with pixel art!  It can be as low as $50 for a small, simple sprite with a basic animation, or as high as $110 for a large, complex, animated piece.


INK & WATERCOLOR: $50 - $150

Traditional art is obviously a very different beast from all the above.  Size is a major factor, as is detail, because both cost more in materials than they would otherwise.  That said, I can work in black and white a lot easier here, and if you like the final result a lot, I can even mail it to you for the additional cost of shipping & handling (in the united states only, for now).

Ready to commission?

If you are ready to go ahead and purchase some great custom artwork, simply dm me on twitter (@Pixeljadeart), email me, or fill out this easy google form if you don’t know where to start.